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Signal app for android free download
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Signal 5.4.12  Private Messenger App for Android Free Download

The Signal 5.4.12  Private Messenger App for Android Free Download 2021 is the main mobile version of this popular personal messenger. It has been developed to work on most Android-based smartphones, it is not optimized for tablets, although it is possible to install this messenger there and work with it. But it can be unstable, and developers warn about the absence of a proper tablet version.

The Signal Phone app for Android is free. The product provides basic functionality that is present in many other messaging apps, however, it differs due to its keynote on communication security.

Signal App for Android Free Download 2021

End-to-end encryption is implemented to protect data (text messages, files, voice during calls, and video streaming). The security protocol used for this encryption is the strongest in the world. Also, Signal Messenger does not collect any user’s data and does not save them to the server. The open-source license allowed many experts to examine the product’s code and evaluate its security.

When you install this application on an Android phone for the first time, you will need to create a new account. The user ID is registered on the phone number and is the primary account. It is also possible to use it for an additional copy of Messenger on a PC or laptop with Windows or Mac. It will ask permission to access the contacts to define if there are other signal users between them. You can also invite your contacts to try this messenger. The application’s interface is clean and intuitive, thus, messenger functionality will be easy to master.

Functional features of Signal App 5.4.12 Android Messenger for Android phones

Like most modern instant messengers, this product offers a basic set of options: text chat, audio call, and video call. All these features are free, and it does not show any advertisements to private messenger users.

Here are more details on the functionality of Signal Android Messenger:

  • Text chat. As Text App Signal supports both individual and group chats for Android, and group data are secret: even the owners of this product have access to details such as a list of participants, group names, and even profile pictures are not.
  • Text chats include smileys, and users can exchange files (images, videos, documents). The data is saved only on the target devices, and you can see the attachments in a separate section. The search option is provided for both texts and media, it is easy to find the necessary data in chat on Android phones.
  • Voice messages can be recorded and sent via chat.
  • Conversations may include up to 500 messages by default, and this number can be changed. Older messages can be automatically deleted when the limit is reached, and it is also possible to trim all existing conversations to enforce the limit.
  • There is a self-destruct timer for texting (some other instant messengers also provide a similar option for so-called secret chats, and Signal Private Messenger for Android provides this service for any chat).
  • Screenshots are not allowed in Messenger by default, although this can be changed in the software settings.
  • The conversation settings for each chat can be configured separately – you can set notifications and alerts produced on Android smartphones and set a color theme for the chat.
  • The secure session can be reset with all the data already in Chat Safe and Sound.
  • Fixed chat shortcuts can be placed on the Android phone’s home screen to quickly access essential conversations.
  • The backup option allows all chat data to be saved to external storage. Backups are protected by signals and passwords, users must enter a password to restore the backup.
  • The SMS integration will allow Signal Messenger to be used as the main SMS client on Android smartphones. In this case, it will import a list of your previous SMS and present them as separate chats with the possibility of replying or creating a new message. There is an option to use your Android mobile device’s address book or dial the number directly from within Messenger.
  • Note that Signal does not support VoIP service, and it will not be possible to make regular phone calls to non-signal users.
  • Calls (audio and video) are supported between signal clients. Data streams are encrypted and it is impossible to listen to conversations in between.

Signal Private Messenger for Android can be considered the safest software and the best tool for secure messaging. The download is available for free, with developers regularly updating their application and improving its security level. Right now Signal is the best solution for people concerned about their privacy when they use Android mobile phones for personal and work communication.

Signal App for Android Free Download 2021

Currently one of the most important aspects for most Internet users is their privacy. No matter which devices we use, we are all at risk, and our network activities and communications can be interrupted by third parties. It is not that we have anything to hide but it is still a violation of our fundamental rights as individuals.

With the increase in the cases of espionage agencies and private companies, many projects have found a way to make our online communications more secure and more private. One of them is this Signal Private Messenger, supported by messaging and chat app Edward Snowden which intends to be an alternative to WhatsApp.

Chats with end-to-end encryption

At the end of the day, there are not many differences between Signal and WhatsApp, Telegram, Line, or any other app. In other words, they can all be used to chat individually or in groups without our contacts. The main difference is that it included end-to-end encryption before the rest and also includes functions from Red Phone and Text Secure, two apps developed by the Open Whisper system that comes with state-of-the-art technology. The field of secure and private communication.


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