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Snapchat apk download latest version for android
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Snapchat APK Free Download Latest Version for Android 2021

Snapchat download latest version for Android is the most popular version of this free instant messenger for mobile devices. The Android application is optimized to work on low-power smartphones and tablets and can be found on most of these devices, exclusively owned by younger users. Snapchat stands alone due to its unique feature: all data (text messages, photos, and videos) it sends are deleted after a very short time (1–10 seconds), although the option to auto-cancel in the latest version – To be destroyed.

Snapchat may be the preferred application for Android phones, as smartphones are constantly with us and people mostly use Snapchat to exchange photos and videos. Modern Android smartphones with their cameras are the default means for such shooting.

Functional features of Snapchat for Android Devices

Like many other instant messengers, Snapchat for Android phones and tablets supports the option of exchanging free real-time calls with text messages and audio and video support.

  • Text chat includes smiley and stickers.
  • It is possible to send pictures through these chats.
  • Text messages are automatically deleted (some other mobile messengers also provide similar functionality in ‘secret chat’). However, it is possible to save or copy the message.
  • Users can also save image attachments and download them to their Android phone’s memory.
  • If no measures are taken to save the chat content, all data will be permanently deleted.

As people often install multiple instant messengers on smartphones (there are apps for Android and iOS versions), some people in the phone address book may be also Snapchat users. This is another reason for tablets to use the service on smartphones instead of Snapchat – it can be problematic to add friends by searching the address book there if the Android tablet does not have its SIM-card with contacts.

Snapchat APK Download Latest Version for Android 2021


Snapchat for Android Devices has more options available

The service gained a lot of popularity due to some features that allow both users to communicate and have fun through this Android Messenger. Here are the following options:

The photo editing toolset with a collection of filters and lenses allows users to choose visual effects to apply to their photos and videos in the video shooting process. They can add texts in different styles, draw lines, include stickers, and create collages before sending these visual messages to friends.

If you set the auto-destruction timer for your photo message, notifications are provided about the screenshot taken by the recipient, but the person created the screenshot and saved it.

The ‘memory’ choice is the unique feature present in the newest version of the Google Android App Store. This design is meant to save content. Immediately anyone can download photos and videos created and prepared with Snapchat within the memory of an Android smartphone instead save them on dedicated cloud storage. Furthermore, it supports the use of old visual data from ‘Camera Roll’ on the phone – users can select them also send them to colleagues or upload them to ‘Stories’.

‘Story’ is a functional feature of Snapchat social network. Overall, a story is a collection of photos and videos uploaded during the day and made public, such as posts on social media explaining activity and emotions. Unlike private messages in the chat, ‘Stories’ is available to all friends, and their content is stored for 24 hours – users can review them, download them and protect them to their phone or tablet. However, Snapchat only requires users to post unique and fresh content for a special story.

The ‘Discover’ section is a collection of public stories – users can subscribe to them and receive regular updates. These stories are mostly presented by well-established news sources and celebrities. This feature is similar to social media accounts where people can subscribe to updates and follow them.

Snap Map is an option to track the location of friends. Users can either share their location or use ‘ghost mode’ and follow friends to be ‘invisible’. Thus, Snap Map will tell you where some people are while using your Android smartphone.


  • Snapchat opens on the right side of the camera. Tap to take a photo, or press and hold for a video.
  • Add a lens or filter to your photo – new ones are added every day! Dance with your 3D Bitmo lives the way you look and discover games you can play with your face.
  • Create your filters to add to photos and videos – or try out our community-made lenses!


  • Stay in touch with friends with live messaging and share your day with group stories.
  • Video chat with 16 friends at once. You can also use filters and lenses!
  • Express you with Friend mojis – The exclusive Bitmojis is designed just for you and a friend.


  • Spotlight sheds light on Snapchat’s best!
  • Submit your snap or lean back and watch.
  • Save your favorites and share them with friends.

Geo-filters are branded filters that are shown if users are in a certain area. Initially, they could be built by Snapchat developers, later this option was offered as a paid service to all users. Many brands use Snapchat geo-filters to advertise their local businesses.

Thus, Snapchat is the modern instant messenger that provides the highest level of security for communication due to auto-destruction of data, and also provides additional options for both personal enjoyable communication and business promotion. The latest version is available for free and may be worth trying on your Android phone or tablet.



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